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  • Welcome to Skinnskatteberg Skriv ut



    Skinnskatteberg is a village and a municipality beautifully situated in the North of Västmanland, with about 4 400 inhabitants. By car you can reach the region within two hours from Stockholm and within 45 minutes from Västerås.
    The area contains a lot of industrial memories. In this part of Sweden, called Bergslagen, people always have used their inventive power for survival and development.

    The area has richness in natural resources, such as iron ore, minerals, forests, lakes and other water­courses. Iron working began here as early as 700 BC at the Red Soil in Riddarhyttan.



    The municipality has a fl owering cultural life with several theatre groups. There is an annual choral meeting, among other music activities. A pride is Galleri Astley in Uttersberg, which is an internatio­nally renowned art center and gallery with around 100 000 visits annually.

    Ekomuseum Bergslagen shows the history and culture of iron. It is a museum without walls consis­ting more than 50 diff erent objects, extending through six municipalities. Twelve of those objects are situated in Skinnskatteberg.

    Röda Jorden (The Red Soil) is Sweden’s to date oldest iron preparation site, active between 700 BC to 200 AD. There is a reconstruction of a furnace and a roasting hearth used to demonstrate the process. You can book a day of activities or for a shorter guidetour. You can also discover the area by yourself.

    Kopparverket (The Copper Works) at Riddarhyttan has seen industrial activity since the Middle Ages. There are many buildings, ponds and ruins standing and a posted path to show the way.

    Lienshyttan (The Blast Furnace of Lienshyttan) is from 1847. The Bastnäs mineral and mine area is one of the world’s richest mineral sites.

    Färna bruk is an ironworks from the 16th century with a stately manor. There is also a remarkable mausoleum and a pavilion with lovely paintings. The manor house is a hotel sometime visited by the King of Sweden Carl XlV Gustav.

    The Karmansbo bruksmiljö is a well-preserved industrial area with a mansion, workers residences, Lancashire forges and works offi ce. The manor house is a hotel there too. You can see the forges in work in one day in July every year or you can book it for a day of your own.

    Ebba Brahes pavilion lies on an island below the Bockhammar manor, probably the oldest pavilion in the country.

    This one is an octagonal, pink pavilion built in the 17th century. There is a summer café close.


    Out-door-life, recreations

    The area has great possibilities for a rich outdoor life. There are 244 lakes and most of them are available for fishing. Fishing is a widely spread activity in the district and attracts a lot of visitors. In most of the lakes you can take a swim. You can walk the Bruksleden Trail or the Ormdalen path in the Ormdalen area, which is a geologically interesting phenomenon. You can also take a trip along the canoe trails. The municipality has 13 nature reserves of diff erent kinds. You can walk in the footsteps of the Pilgrims. Romboleden, the trail of Rombo, leads from Köping to Trondheim in Norway where Saint Olov is buried, and passes Skinnskatteberg on its way.



    All the possibilities for a wilderness life is popular among visitors. The district offers a wide variation of recreation. Liens camping is a well-known place for camping, fishing and other kinds of recrea­tion. At Skinnskatteberg, we have also some hotels and B&B-places to stay over. 

    Kolarbyn charcoalburner´s village in Skinnskatteberg comprises 12 workers huts, a meeting hut and a bride´s hut. You can try some adventures like gold finding, horseback riding, hunting, shooting and go on a moose or wolf Safari. Färna Spa in Färna is a place where you can relax and take care of yourself.

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